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Personal Brand Photography

Brand photography is taking the modern-day business card and leveling it up a few notches. If you’re ready to toss that outdated headshot to the side in favor of custom-to-you, eye-catching images that capture your business’s unique identity and help you visually stand out in your industry, let’s take your branding to the next level.

Personal Branding Photography:
What You Need to Know

Personal Branding Photography gives your branding a boost of personality by creating a unique visual identity that sets you apart from your competition. Today’s branding goes far beyond a headshot; your visual brand needs to show your people your unique character and establish that important sense of trust, professionalism, and familiarity.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, let’s work together to capture images that are customized to help you build your brand and expand your online presence!

Your Personal Branding Photography shoot will set you up with at least three months’ worth of content in just one day of shooting, giving you a wealth of high-quality visuals to use in establishing and cementing your brand.

• Guided questionnaire to plan out a unique, personalized session that’s catered to your needs
• Expert instruction on what to wear and what to bring along
• Trusted recommendations of 2-3 shooting locations to maximize versatility and variety
• Modern headshots and group shots of you and your team
• Action shots that showcase your business at work
• Detail shots that highlight your business’s personality

Just to name a few…

• Throughout your website
• In posts on your social media platforms
• As part of newsletters and e-blasts
• In your email signature or LinkedIn profile
• For printed marketing pieces

NOTE: Please note that a client’s desired image rights will impact the use of photos as well as the total session investment. Each client is provided with a customized Image Rights Agreement based on their needs!

"Megan is not only an incredible photographer, but a beautiful person as well. She cares deeply about her clients, what they are wanting from their photos and capturing who they are. I am beyond happy with the photos from the branding shoot. She kept me laughing and relaxed, and also managed to capture multiple dogs (who weren't always wanting to cooperate). She adapted to varying environments and challenges with zero trouble, and I am very grateful for her. Megan - truly, such a joy!

patty cope

"I loved working with Megan! I met her for the first time when she shot my professional business photos for Real Estate. She is not only incredible with photography and her edits, she made me feel extremely comfortable while doing the shoot. Totally recommend!"


"Megan Williamson was hired to shoot branding photos for our custom home construction company. After talking with Megan, she put a plan together to create photos that reflected our brand. We are able to use these photos for every aspect of our business. Some people within our company had resistance to doing a "photo shoot", but Megan helped them relax and show their true personality. I have even had friends who were so impressed with Megan’s work that they’ve reached out to ask about setting up branding pictures for their businesses."



Frequently Asked Questions

1. what is personal branding photography?

A Personal Branding shoot is a proven way to boost your business by showing your clients who you are through images.

2. Why is Branding Photography important for my business?

Creating a brand is crucial for any successful company, big or small. The way you portray yourself shouts out your company’s identity. In our fast-paced, image-based culture, first impressions are more important than ever. Branding Photography helps prospective customers get to know you, building trust and expanding your reach.

3. Where should Branding photography Shoots take place?

Your branding shoot can happen anywhere that represents your company or showcases your product or service. For a salon owner, shooting onsite is a great way to show potential clients what they’ll experience during a visit. A workout instructor may want pictures taken in a studio, park, or home gym setting to show their versatility. The options are endless, and I’m here to help you figure out a great strategy.

Ready to Book? Have More Questions?

All Personal Brand Photography sessions are customized to your brand’s needs and to what’s possible within your budget. I can’t wait to chat!