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Becky’s Story: From Hobby to Career in Real Estate Photography

Have you ever dreamed about turning your photography hobby into a career? Maybe doubt has held you back because of a lack of experience or just not knowing where to start. We are excited to introduce you to an awesome member of our team who has been there too. Becky recently took a big leap and began a new job as a Professional Real Estate Photographer. We hope her story will show that with training and dedication, starting a real estate photography career is very achievable. (And she’ll also tell you why the work is worth it!)

Meet Becky

Originally from Ohio, Becky and her husband moved to Indiana in 2020. They have four boys, ages 23, 21, 19, and 15 and Becky had worked for years in food service at their school. After the move, she was looking for a new adventure, and started to think about something she loved as a hobby: photography.

Becky had always enjoyed taking pictures, from the days of 35mm cameras and film developing, to the era of the iPhone. (She confesses that she currently has over 29,000 pictures on her phone!) With no training or experience in professional photography or equipment, however, she was fully an amateur when she started talking to Megan about her work. “Everything I know about real estate photography and ‘fancy’ cameras was taught to me by Megan”, she says. 

Starting (and Loving) a New Career in Real Estate Photography

Training under Megan’s guidance, Becky focused on real estate photography, developing the specialized technical and artistic skills beneficial for that type of work. And as she learned the process, she also grew to love it. “I love that every day is different, and every house is different,” she explains. “I have had the opportunity to photograph some pretty amazing homes!” 

Another big perk of real estate photography for Becky is the flexibility. With a busy family and other responsibilities, she loves that she can make her own schedule and be available for her children and their family events. She’s also surprised herself with the results that have come from her natural interest combined with great teaching. “It feels great when you see your pictures featured and can say, ‘I took those!’.”

Looking Ahead and Advice for Beginners

While her current focus is on real estate photography, Becky has future goals for expanding her experience. She would love to learn more about portrait photography and still photography. And using her real estate skills to take pictures of vacation rental properties would be a natural step as well. She would love to be able to travel with her photography work, and wants to grow in all of these areas while continuing to work alongside Megan.

Becky’s advice to those who are thinking about pursuing photography as a potential career is to not let self-doubt hold you back. “Just go for it! But make sure you have someone that can teach you the basics.” She notes that there is so much to learn and that she still has a lot to master even after two years of working in real estate photography. Because of this, Becky says it is important to be open to constructive criticism. It’s also helpful to understand that you might not excel in or enjoy every type of photography, so it may take time to find your niche. But her overall message is to take the first step. “You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try! Practice makes perfect!”

Dreaming of a Real Estate Photography Career?

We wanted to share Becky’s story because she is so important to the team at Megan Williamson Photography. We also hope that it can be inspiring to others who have thought about a similar career switch or start. Becky is proof that interest combined with hard work and a willingness to learn and grow is the perfect mix. Beginning a career in real estate photography requires training and lots of practice, but also comes with so many perks. And the biggest one just might be getting paid to do something you absolutely love!

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